Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Leak in an Elk Grove Garage

The water supply line running through the attic crawl space in this Elk Grove garage sprung a leak. The water stains show the saturated gypsum panels on the wal... READ MORE

Elk Grove Water Damage in a Basement

The sump pump failed in this basement in an Elk Grove rental unit. The water entered through a crack in the foundation and wicked into the sheetrock wall causin... READ MORE

Water Damage – Elk Grove Retail Clothing Store

Water damage wreaked havoc upon this retail clothing store located in a regional shopping mall in the Elk Grove area. The damage was compounded as the incursion... READ MORE

Water Damage – Elk Grove Office Space

Water Damage to this Elk Grove Office Space was caused by a malfunctioning fire suppression system. Standing water can be seen in the before photo. The owner ha... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Schaumburg Wood Flooring

Flood damage at this Schaumberg home left standing water on the wood flooring for enough time to cause the warping that can be seen in the before photos. Worrie... READ MORE