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Are You Experiencing Flood Damage Or A Main Water Line Break In Your Itasca Area Home?

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Are You Experiencing Flood Damage Or A Main Water Line Break In Your Itasca Area Home? Itasca Floods from Old Copper Pipes? Call SERVPRO!

Itasca Flooding Benefits from SERVPRO Water Extraction and Drying

A copper water main lasts an excess of 60-years, making it highly unlikely for you to experience a water main break during your lifetime, especially if you purchased your home new. For those of you who purchased an older home, the age, corrosion, temperature fluctuation, and whether your piping experiences electrolysis or not plays a major role in its survival.
While it is unlikely, flood damage can occur in your Itasca home because of a broken water main. Therefore, it is important to understand what to look for and avoid panic, should this become a problem for you. First and foremost, never attempt to repair a broken main on your own, without the proper experience and resources, you are likely to cause more damage and waste quality time. You could also jeopardize your safety.
Learn where your main water shutoff is and how to operate it successfully during an emergency. If a constant stream of water forms on your property or in the roadway, it could mean that you, or a neighbor, has a leaky water main. You need to contact a qualified company, like SERVPRO, that can help you get things under control quickly and limit the damage you experience after contacting your municipal water department.
If no one is using water in your house and you still hear a rumbling, or hissing noise where the pipe enters your house, this could be an indication that water is exiting somewhere between the house and the water main. SERVPRO technicians have access to the equipment and personnel necessary to locate and repair the damaged piping, fix the grading in your yard after repairs have been made and install additional drainage, sump pumps, or backflow valves where appropriate.
If you are experiencing pressure loss, standing water, or develop sinkholes in your yard, a main water line break is likely the culprit. Keep in mind that just because the life expectancy of the water main is 60-years, it does not mean that it cannot break earlier. 

Using a company, like SERVPRO, with IICRC certified technicians helps you keep a close eye on these issues and get the help you need during an emergency. We have many services designed to address both exterior and interior issues caused by plumbing problems that occur in your home.
Give SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg /  Itasca /  Roselle a call today for assistance with your water main, or issues concerning fire, water, mold, or storm damage that develop on your property. We are here to help. (847) 593-3055