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When Fire Damage Spreads to Outbuildings and Other Areas in Elk Grove

5/30/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When Fire Damage Spreads to Outbuildings and Other Areas in Elk Grove Campers can also sustain fire damage. Call SERVPRO to remediate so that the damage does not prevent your family's next vacation adventure.

Quick Reaction to Fire Damage can Minimize Further Potential Damage from the Elements on Your Exposed Property

A burning house poses many dangers. Hot ash and burning embers can start fires in other nearby locations. Sheds and campers can also ignite and catch on fire. Because these are smaller in size, they may not receive the attention that a burning home receives, but these can burn that much faster, and sustain enormous damage, also.
Unfortunately, the same is true when your Elk Grove neighbor's home catches on fire, as this can cause fire damage to your own home. Since damage related to a fire can range in severity to slight and almost unnoticeable to complete destruction, we at SERVPRO make it a point to provide restorations to any size job, no matter how small or how complicated it might seem. This is crucial to your family's continued safety because fire damage can leave behind hidden problems throughout your home.
When fire spreads, those sites need to be restored, also. Leaving a shed, greenhouse, or camper as it is can only lead to future situations that could have easily been repaired immediately after the fire happened. Electrical shocks can happen anywhere electrical wiring is located. Tools and other equipment can become rusted when rain enters through the holes burned in the roof of your shed or detached garage. These holes do not need to be large and visible – they can be tiny, and only visible in the daylight when you are inside the shed.
Campers and RVs are investments that your family relies on to take breaks from home but within a safe and secure manner. When they need repairs, waiting is not in their best interest, nor in your own. Fire damage can affect these items, also. SERVPRO technicians can repair these quickly, and at the same time that your home is receiving the attention it needs, saving you time and money.
When your home or other buildings on your property has fire damage from a neighboring property's fire, repairing and restoring your home so that it is “Like it never even happened” should be high on your priority list. The source of the damage is unimportant compared to rectifying the situation and returning your home to a safe and livable place for your family.
SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle has technicians who are trained according to IICRC standards. We take pride in how well we do our work and want you to rest assured that after any size fire, we can make any and all needed repairs so your family can return home again. Call (847) 593-3055, any day of the week, night or day, for repairs and restorations that your home needs after sustaining fire damage.

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