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Water Removal in Schaumburg May Require Professional Assistance

10/14/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal in Schaumburg May Require Professional Assistance Schaumburg Water Removal Mitigates Damage to Hardwood Floors and Other Building Elements

Rely on SERVPRO for Cleanup and Drying in Your Schaumburg Property

For all your water removal in Schaumburg area, you may require a reputable water removal and restoration company. A professional service ensures that the final quality of the work done is superb and that all your furniture, belongings, and building elements are restored to their preloss condition.

Throughout our entire duration of operations, SERVPRO has identified two primary water removal techniques in Schaumburg from the business and residential premises. These are the pump and the vacuum water removal methods.

Vacuum removal entails the use of vacuum cleaners such as wet-dry vacuums to get rid of excess water from the home. To do this, SERVPRO suggests that you apply a cleaning solution in the water and then use the machine to ‘suck up’ excess moisture. For large volumes of water or fear of contaminated water, it is advisable to call us for the water extraction. With an array of wands, we can lift moisture from a carpet without damaging the fibers or laminated layers.

The use of pumps, on the other hand, involves the removal of excess water by use of the conventional water pumps. Place the pipe inside the excess moisture, place the other end of the pipe in a tank and then switch on the pump. This way, all the excess moisture shall be ‘sucked up’ and disposed of in a tank. This sump pump action is applicable in a small percentage of water extraction services. Professional equipment for this type of water removal is inventoried on our service vehicles. Air movers and dehumidifiers are typically equipment employed to eliminate the vestiges of moisture and dampness. Odor control and disinfecting are also key elements to a thorough cleanup in the case of gray or black water.

To take the guesswork out of your water removal exercise, you may require the intervention of a qualified water removal and cleanup company. SERVPRO of Elk Grove/E. Schaumburg/Itasca/Roselle offers top-notch service. Why not consider giving us a try? Simply give us a call today via (847) 593-3055. We are always ready and willing to be of help!

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Specialized Equipment for Elk Grove Water Removal

9/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Specialized Equipment for Elk Grove Water Removal No matter what has caused water damage in your home, you can trust SERVPRO to leave your home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO’s water removal process

SERVPRO locations around the country have had decades of experience and millions of unique cases to develop cost-effective and time-optimized mitigation and restoration strategies for residential water removal, and Elk Grove homes receive that same thoroughly-planned treatment no matter how large or small the issue. Our technology is specifically engineered to allow machines, sensory equipment, and our trained personnel to work in perfect sync. As an example of our specialization and efficiency, take a look at our standard water removal procedure.

The First Step: Mitigation

First and foremost in any Elk Grove water removal job is to identify and neutralize the source of damage. If the damage has been caused by a storm or other natural causes, the issue most likely solves itself by the time our technicians arrive. Otherwise, our personnel helps to identify the source of the issue and shut it down. Once the environment is safe to work in, we immediately begin pumping out water and performing preliminary mitigation efforts aimed at preventing further damage.

Air Movers

Once we have pumped out all water possible, we still must take care of the thin layers of water that stick to surface and subsurface layers around your home. For this task, we use air movers - powerful machines designed to create directed air currents in a specific region or pattern. These quickly and mercilessly pick up water droplets from any surface in their path, putting them into the air for dehumidifiers to handle.


Once the water is airborne, we cannot simply leave it to settle once more in your home. Our IICRC-certified technicians use thermal and chemical dehumidifiers to suck the water into manageable, movable containers, the final step in our water removal process. After this process, we can begin work on deodorization and restorations. At SERVPRO, our ultimate goal is complete livability in the home, not just a quick water removal job!

SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle is there when you need us most to help you mitigate and recover from water damage of any variety. Just give us a call at (847) 593-3055.  

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Expert Water Removal Services Available in Elk Grove

7/16/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Expert Water Removal Services Available in Elk Grove Removing water quickly after damage is key to preventing further damage and possibly mold. Contact SERVPRO and we'll be on the job quickly.

SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Remove Water After Damage to Prevent Problems in the Future

Having an accident or flood can be a devastating experience. Even a little water can lead to significant damage if given enough time. It can affect your belongings, furniture, and even the structural stability of your home.
When facing water removal issues in your Elk Grove area home, it is important to have a trained professional on your side. You want to locate the source of the problem, get excess water out of your home, and have someone available to deal with unsuspected damages.
SERVPRO has 24-hour emergency service, IICRC certified technicians, industrial-grade equipment, and years of experience providing extraction, drying, cleaning, and repair services for customers just like you. We understand how water works, making its way into cracks and crevices, leading to expensive damages.
SERVPRO uses infrared moisture detectors to locate even the smallest amounts of water, water extractors of all shapes and sizes, along with drying and dehumidification equipment to get water out of your home in a quick, efficient manner that limits any losses you may experience.  
SERVPRO performs wet carpet removals, content and structural decontamination, humid or flooded basement cleanup services, as well as complete structural drying. We even make sure that the inside of your walls remain entirely moisture-free and perform mold remediation services when necessary to help you maintain a clean, healthy home.  
Attempting to perform your water removal services alone leaves you with hidden pockets of water throughout your home that can cause excessive damages in the future. Without the right tools and experience, everything can get out of hand quite fast, leaving you with a huge mess and significant problems that you simply do not understand.
We can provide you and your family with the services you deserve. By assigning qualified technicians, we help return everything to normal in a quick, efficient manner, after an emergency occurs.  
Get the help you need by making your way to SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle, today. (847) 593-3055

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Professional Water Removal Services Available In Elk Grove Help Protect Your Home From Damage

6/12/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage  Professional Water Removal Services Available In Elk Grove Help Protect Your Home From Damage SERVPRO can help prevent excessive water in basements, where groundwater makes its way into your home through cracks in the floor.

Protect Your Elk Grove Home From Water Damage By Calling SERVPRO

Water is smart, giving way to paths that provide resistance to locate more intrusive ways to enter your home. Seeking these paths of least resistance means that as water finds its way into your home, there is often more than a single area to focus on that may contain water.

There are a variety of ways that water can enter your Elk Grove home, making professional water removal services your best option for preventing damages that can develop over time. Having a pre-existing relationship with a local restoration company gives an expertly trained technician the opportunity to inspect your property and eliminate problems that already exist.

SERVPRO can help prevent excessive water in basements, where groundwater makes its way into your home through cracks in the floor. Pressure buildup beneath your basement floor creates cracks that allow water to break through causing mold damage and corrosion over time. Untreated materials found in your basement also cause severe problems with structural stabilization if left untreated for too long.

Even if you take all of the necessary precautions to avoid damage during a flood, common construction methods tend to leave small spaces between the footer and your basement floor. SERVPRO technicians have experienced jobs where window wells hold excessive moisture and allow it to seep into your basement, walls, or flooring, while other types of walls sweat, causing water to pool inside.

SERVPRO’s expertly trained water removal technicians have an answer to all of these problems and more. Our IICRC certified technicians use industrial-grade water removal equipment, including infrared moisture detection devices to locate and remove pockets of moisture hidden throughout your home.

Whether water gains access to your home through cracks in your floor, under the footer, from bleeding or sweating through walls, natural disasters, or plumbing accidents, one thing is certain. You want to get the water out of your home as soon as possible to prevent additional damages or health problems that could affect your family.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle for all of your water removal needs. We are available throughout the area 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, providing quality solutions that our customers can trust. (847) 593-3055

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Why Air Movers are Great for Repairing Water Damage in Elk Grove Village Homes

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why Air Movers are Great for Repairing Water Damage in Elk Grove Village Homes Call SERVPRO to discuss how an air mover can help with your water damaged flooring.

Professional Tools Used in Water Damage Remediation

Water damage is always a possibility in residential properties because domestic plumbing is not infallible. Pipes can crack, gutters can clog, and toilets can overflow. Even with careful maintenance, there are dangers from things like torrential rains and malfunctioning water supplies.

The good news is that water damage in Elk Grove Village can be restored and repaired. It requires the use of specialist equipment, but companies like SERVPRO are always on hand to provide it. With support from high-powered fans, dehumidifiers, deodorizers, and air movers, the effects of water damage get permanently reversed.

Keep reading to learn more about air movers and why they are an important part of water damage repairs.

What Does an Air Mover Do?

Often, these clever machines get paired with dehumidifiers. They direct clean, dry air through a water damaged space as a way to boost the rate of evaporation. The dry air displaces the heavy, water-saturated air and pushes it towards dehumidifiers, which are great at capturing it and removing the moisture.

Once removed, the air is dry and returned to the room so that it can be directed through the space by the air mover again. These machines are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The greater the humidity, the bigger the air mover. The slimmer, portable devices are useful when it comes to drying out narrow and enclosed areas like crawlspaces.

What Are Air Movers Used to Restore?

Air movers are particularly good at supporting the drying out of carpets, walls, cupboards, cavities, and attics. They enhance the performance of dehumidifiers, especially in tight spaces, because the circulation of clean air is essential for fast, effective repairs.

If a carpet has been saturated with water and requires drying, the SERVPRO team can lift it off the ground. Just a few inches is needed to create a drying chamber, and an air mover sits underneath. It blows clean, dry air beneath the fabric and ensures that subflooring gets restored too.

Do Air Movers Work Fast?

The speed of all restorations is dependent on a variety of factors. The most important is the severity of the water damage and, specifically, how many porous items have become saturated. While non-porous materials can be wet vacuumed and wiped clean, fabrics absorb water and require extensive dehumidification.

Consequently, the rate at which air movers operate is related to how fast dehumidifiers are working. For the best possible result, the SERVPRO team carefully controls and monitors the drying process. If things move too fast, there is a risk of secondary water damage, so a measured, cautious approach is vital in most cases.

At SERVPRO of Elk Grove/E. Schaumburg/Itasca/Roselle, water damage repairs are carried out with the utmost care. We understand that your possessions are precious, so we make their safety a top priority. Call us 24/7 at (847) 593-3055 today to arrange a home visit.

Faced With Sump Pump Failure In Elk Grove?

10/21/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Faced With Sump Pump Failure In Elk Grove? Sump Pump Flood? Call SERVPRO in Elk Grove

Your Elk Grove Basement Is Treated by SERVPRO's Submersible Pumps

Your plans to keep the lower levels of your home dry encounter a severe setback when your sump pump fails to work as intended. Whether you installed it to manage a chronically wet basement because of the age of your home or the topography surrounding it, or if you wanted protection in case of heavy downpours or wetland flooding, the result is the same. You are dealing with water in the basement or lower level and need the expertise of SERVPRO to investigate, sort out options and move forward with a water damage plan. We have the training and background to respond to this type of disaster fast, and our technicians will proceed to secure the area, remove the water and dry the contents in consultation with you and your insurance company.
Your mechanical systems including heat, hot water, and sometimes cooling may all be vulnerable to a sump pump failure in Elk Grove. If you have a workshop or laundry area the power tools or appliances may be at risk. Home offices, family rooms, and additional bedroom space can all be water damaged if in the lower levels, requiring our team to provide a detailed review of the damage and a multifaceted plan of action to ensure the damage is contained and restoration is begun. We can advise and perform the necessary work for damage to floors, floor coverings, walls, ceilings, electronics, HVAC systems and more. Our state of the art equipment will be on the job quickly, pumping and extracting water, drying areas and articles and restoring structures, structural components and personal possessions. We can even offer a partner to provide new sump pump installation and inspection of the drainage system.
Assisting homeowners with the many issues involved with water damage from a sump pump failure is at the heart of our mission as a disaster and water damage restoration company. Our team members go through continual training to national standards reflected in our IICRC certification programs and in-house videos, in water removal and drying techniques. Even if your personal disaster involves secondary damage such as contaminated water (Black Water), infectious waste and mold growth, we handle the recovery from start to finish, keeping you apprised every step of the way. We can restore your basement or lower level to the condition it was in before the sump pump failed -- “Like it never even happened.”
When your best-laid plans fail and you are challenged with water encroachment in your home SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle will be on the spot as soon as possible. Call us at (847) 593-3055 any time of the day or night 365 days per year to schedule your same day appointment.

Dealing with Water Damage to Your Rental Property

7/26/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Dealing with Water Damage to Your Rental Property Water damage can be devastating to your Itasca rental property.

Water Damage and Your Rental Property

Having tenants in your rental unit is a good thing, but sometimes even the most responsible tenants fail to notify the landlord about problems when they should. This can lead to future problems, and increased ones, at that. You need to make sure tenants know to notify you right away when things are broken or need to be repaired before they pose problems.

Not All Property Damage is Due to Misuse or Abuse by Tenants
While it's nice to have someone who is responsible and who notices things like leaky pipes and water lines living in your rental properties, that isn't always the case. When you are preparing to either sell an occupied unit or are inspecting one upon a move-out, you may find water damage. While buckling walls and loosened tub liners can be signs of water damage, so can soft spots in bathroom and kitchen floors. These should be repaired before allowing future tenants to move in and occupy the unit.

Often, tenants will damage walls and floors through carelessness, and other times, faulty installation and normal wear and tear can develop enough that water lines leak, and the glue that adheres tub and shower liners to the wall can deteriorate because of age, and allow the two to separate. This can allow water and moisture to enter into the space between them, creating additional problems.

Certified Technicians Using State-of-the-Art Measuring Devices can Help in Finding All of the Water Damage
We have the technical skills and the equipment that can locate additional areas that have been water damaged. Water flows, either along seams and crevices horizontally, or down, on the inside of walls, leading to other areas where water damage can happen. We can find these areas, and then after completely drying them out and stopping any leaky water lines from spilling any more water, repair them. We know you take pride in providing your tenants with a beautiful and safe place to call home, and we want you to be able to do this.

If your rental property has become unrentable because of water damage, we want to assure you that we can take your call 24/7. Please contact us at SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle at (847) 593-3055. Not only is your business as a landlord and property owner put on hold, but we know that you cannot show prospective tenants your unit until it is ready – clean, safe, and damage-free.

Overcoming Flood & Water Damage

6/8/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Overcoming Flood & Water Damage Water Damage to Your Elk Grove Home, Whether from a Flood or a Burst Pipe, Call SERVPRO for Fast Help

Call SERVPRO for Flood Damage Restoration and Sanitation

Flooding is something that homeowners in the Elk Grove area do not want to think about, but the unfortunate reality is that this is an issue that can and will affect many local homeowners at some point. Flooding often occurs because of heavy rainstorms that rage through the area and drop inches or even feet of rain within a very short period. Extended rainstorms that move slowly and last for several days or longer can result in flooding. In addition to storms, flooding inside a home can be caused by plumbing issues and other factors as well. Regardless of the reason for your flood damage in Elk Grove, you should get the repair and restoration process started immediately.

Water Extraction
Before you can think about repairing the flood and water damage in Elk Grove, you must first deal with the issue of standing water inside the home. Professional flood specialists from SERVPRO will use powerful machines that extract the standing water from the home in a rapid time frame. This is a superior alternative to using a bucket and a mop to dry out the home. Keep in mind that removing the water is only part of the process. Drying out the air also needs to be done, and our technicians use powerful fans and dehumidifiers to lower moisture content to normal levels. These two steps are critical if you want to prevent mold growth from developing in the home. The longer the structure remains moist, the more likely it is that mold growth will emerge. Because of this, the speed with which our professionals work is an actual benefit to homeowners who are dealing with flood damage in Elk Grove. Our goal is to mitigate water damage.

Property Repairs
Water is a genuinely damaging force because it can warp, stain and decay a structure and its furnishings. Some surfaces in the home that have been impacted by water damage may simply need to be professionally cleaned, and others may require a full replacement. Our trucks are well-stocked with equipment and cleaning supplies to clean carpeting that has water stains, for example. However, some surfaces, such as drywall that have warped because of exposure to water, may need to be replaced. The right water restoration team can assist you with all aspects of property repairs.

Flood damage in Elk Grove is not something that you want to deal with, but it is something that you may need to deal with at certain times. Flooding is, unfortunately, common in the local area, and you can call the experts for all of your flood damage restoration needs. We are a local company, so we can respond to requests for service promptly and will work diligently to repair the damage as soon as possible. If you need flood damage service in the Elk Grove area, contact SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle today at (847) 593-3055 for assistance.

Water Damage Restoration for a Schaumburg Property

12/2/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Restoration for a Schaumburg Property When SandBags Don't Keep the Water Out, Call SERVPRO

Water Damage Restoration for Your Schaumburg Home the SERVPRO Way

Schaumburg water damage is one of the worst household issues a residential property owner can encounter. However, water damage restoration experts are highly effective in quickly and safely removing unwanted water from your home. Learn more about how the water damage remediation specialists from SERVPRO restore your property to its original condition.

Water Damage Restoration: The Steps Involved. Although water damage restoration services will vary from company to company, a time-tested protocol, with outstanding IICRC certification, is the SERVPRO way. They employ on-going sources of continuing education using in-house multimedia materials. With the resources of a 1650 franchise wide network, cutting-edge equipment, training, and quick response are only a phone call away.

Water Elimination. The water damage restoration process begins with the removal of standing and absorbed water on the property. Remediation specialists will use a variety of equipment for this water extraction depending on the volume and severity of the problem. Truck mounted large water pumps, sump pump, and portable or rideable wet-vacs remove gross volumes of water. Air movers and dehumidifiers remove remaining water and moisture from furnishings, building materials, and the ambient air. This may take several days of effort; final verification of dryness and humidity levels are achieved utilizing moisture meters and hygrometers. SERVPRO provides written documentation. This is your warranty of safe pre-water damage levels delivered.

Mold Remediation and Water Stain Removal. By quickly removing the unwanted water from the premises, the likelihood of mold growth is greatly diminished. This step is very important because mold can cause a wide range of unwanted health issues, including asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and lung complications. Water staining can be addressed by proper IICRC procedures.

Odor Removal and Sanitation. Waterlogged carpeting, drywall, and wood products can cause odors. Musty odors may also occur due to mold proliferation. At SERVPRO, our skilled technicians use, foggers (chemical and liquid), negative ion chambers devices, and air scrubbers to remove, not mask offensive and unsafe odors. This includes a sanitizing process to ensure the return of quality ambient air to the interior of your home in Schaumburg.

Restoration experts will attempt to dry and sanitize all documents, clothing, and curtains that were subject to water damage during the disaster. The timing of water extraction is a key factor in saving household items rather than discarding them as unsalvageable. We can also clean personal possessions at our local facility.

Call SERVPRO For Excellent Water Recovery Services. By securing water damage restoration services immediately to your Schaumburg property, you mitigate your losses, time for completion of the cleanup, and save money. Our IICRC-certified professionals offer high quality, immediate services that return your property to its pre-water damaged condition.

Highly-Trained Water Restoration Specialists

We at SERVPRO of Elk Grove/E. Schaumburg/Itasca/Roselle, are water damage specialists. We get started quickly to get your property in Schaumburg, Elk Grove, or Palatine dry and back to pre-water damage condition. We document the drying process to validate your home is ready for you. We are proud to serve our local communities. Learn about our water damage training and certificates. Call for help. (847) 593-3055

How To Recognize And Handle Water Damage in Your Elk Grove Home

10/22/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Recognize And Handle Water Damage in Your Elk Grove Home A Drip in the Bucket Can Lead to Water Damage

Let SERVPRO Restore Your Water Damaged Elk Grove Property

Although your residential property in Elk Grove should be your haven, the onset of water damage can make it seem more like someplace else. In the event of a water intrusion episode not endangering the structural integrity of your house, it can be exasperating to neither possess the tools nor the expertise to lessen the effects of the water damage. To ensure that you can avoid the emotional upheaval and economic strain that water damage can cause, it's important that you know what to do when it surfaces on your property. Get the information that you need by referring to this quick reference guide:

Signs Of Water Damage

There are several signs that may indicate that your property has been impacted by water damage. Some of them include:

• Leaking pipes
• Poor ventilation
• Roof leakage, water track on interior wall
• Excessive condensation or humidity
• Damp basements
• Flooding
• Damp carpets
• Delaminating materials like plywood, rusting metal, warped or rotting wood

How A Professional Water Damage Restoration Company Can Help You

The most effective and important step for you to take once you recognize the presence of unwanted water on your residential property is to call the professionals. A water damage restoration company like SERVPRO will offer you the comprehensive services necessary to restore your property with efficacy and expedience. The first step taken by one of our experts is the completion of a thorough assessment. The assessment indicates the where and how of the water problem.

After completing the assessment, the water remediation team will immediately commence with the water removal. This water extraction may entail a truck mounted power water pump or wet vacs. Most of the water upon being removed moves us to the step of eliminating excessive moisture and humidity within your Elk Grove home. The water damage specialists will utilize specialized equipment, like dehumidifiers and air movers to expedite and optimize the cleanup and drying steps of the restoration process. These activities are important because they restore your property to its original sanitary condition and also help prevent the rise of mold in your living space. All houses contain mold spores. A quick dropping of moisture will inhibit mold proliferation. If a mold issue is allowed to develop it can expose you and your family to a wide range of health issues like lung complications, respiratory problems, skin infections, and pneumonia.

Let SERVPRO Help You!

To obtain thorough, effective water damage restoration services, you should make the call to SERVPRO, the most experienced and well-trained company for water damage restoration. In addition to being IICRC-certified, our expert technicians receive additional rigorous training surpassing the industry standard. This benefits you in receiving expedient, customer-centric efforts to restore your home in Elk Grove to its pre-water damage condition.

Locally Owned and Operated

We are proud to be an active member of Elk Grove. SERVPRO of Elk Grove/E. Schaumburg/Itasca/Roselle is locally owned and operated so we’re already nearby and ready to help the Elk Grove area with water and flood damage emergencies. Call us. (847) 593-3055

Frozen pipes

2/6/2014 (Permalink)

Water Damage Frozen pipes Damaged ceiling created from frozen water pipe

Frozen pipes created this mess.  The pipe broke on the second floor of this home and damaged the first floor and basement.