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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Flood Damage – Schaumburg Wood Flooring

Standing water on the flooring at this home in Schaumburg caused significant warping to the wood. Worried that they would have to completely replace the floorin... READ MORE

Mold Damage to Itasca Kitchen

A water pipe leak behind the cabinets and appliances in this Itasca kitchen resulted in mold damage. Darkness can cause mold can grow at a fast rate, as it did ... READ MORE

Palatine Bank Ceiling & Carpet Water Damaged

A storm had blown off a roof vent of this bank in Palatine, resulting in a significant amount of water leaking in and saturating several ceiling panels and the ... READ MORE

Roselle Fire Damage

What started out as a small garage fire quickly spread throughout the rest of the house, necessitating significant fire and water damage restoration. SERVPRO is... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Elk Grove Senior Living Facility

Storm damage flooded this Senior Assisted Living Facility in Elk Grove. The storm packed powerful winds and intense downpours of rain. The roof was breached, re... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Elk Grove Senior Living Facility

Storm damage flooded this Senior Assisted Living Facility in Elk Grove. The storm packed powerful winds and intense downpours of rain. The roof was breached, re... READ MORE

Water Damage – Elk Grove Office Space

Water damage to this office space in Elk Grove was caused by a malfunctioning fire suppression system. Standing water can be seen in the Before photo. With an u... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Elk Grove Kitchen

Mold damage was permeating behind the walls of this kitchen in Elk Grove. SERVPRO was contracted to remediate the mold damage and restore or rebuild the kitchen... READ MORE

Warehouse Wall Cleaning – Elk Grove

The interior of this warehouse located in Elk Grove had extensive staining. With the staining gradually accumulating on the walls, the owners sought a property ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Elk Grove Retail Clothing Store

A sewer line break from the floor above wreaked havoc upon this retail clothing store in Elk Grove, as seen in the Before photo. Our team was called in and they... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Elk Grove Home

For this job, our SERVPRO technicians were called in to mitigate extensive fire and smoke damage and perform a rebuild to this devastated home in Elk Grove. Aft... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Elk Grove Meeting Room

A ruptured primary water line caused significant water damage to this hotel meeting room. The carpeting was completely soaked under standing water in addition t... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Elk Grove Home

A severe storm damaged a window in this home in Elk Grove, allowing a large amount of rainwater to enter the bedroom. The water ended up thoroughly soaking the ... READ MORE

Fire and Concerns in Schaumburg

Fires can bring much devastation to properties, and at this house in Schaumburg, the owners were left with large sections of their home severely fire-damaged. W... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Elk Grove Apartments

While this apartment complex in Elk Grove was under construction, rain had fallen and soaked through the incomplete roof, resulting in significant mold damage a... READ MORE

Elk Grove Water Damage in a Basement

Inside this rental unit located in Elk Grove, a failed basement sump pump allowed water to enter through a crack in the foundation and wick into the sheetrock w... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Elk Grove House

A severe storm caused significant damage to this home in Elk Grove. The Before photo illustrates the ceiling damage that compromised the attic crawlspace and ro... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Elk Grove Home

Inside of this home located in Elk Grove, an electrical fire from a ceiling light fixture resulted in significant damage to the ceiling and insulation. Our capa... READ MORE

Severe Mold Attack in Itasca

This bank-owned property located in Itasca suffered significant mold damage to the kitchen and adjoining rooms. Our SERVPRO Applied Microbial technicians, weari... READ MORE

Beauty Salon in Elk Grove Water and Flooding Damage

The proud proprietor of this beauty spa in Elk Grove was distraught when she found her property flooded. She immediately called SERVPRO to clean up the dirty wa... READ MORE

Itasca Basement Flood Zone

At this home located in Itasca, the basement was being remodeled into a mother-in-law suite before floodwaters disrupted the whole project. You can see in the B... READ MORE

Water Leak in an Elk Grove Garage

The water supply line running through the attic crawl space in this Elk Grove garage sprung a leak. The water stains show the saturated gypsum panels on the wal... READ MORE

Flooded Basement Dry Out in Inverness

Many property owners, including this family in Inverness, experienced flooded basements in the aftermath of this year's massive winter storms. Hoping to get the... READ MORE

Basement Fire Damage Cleanup - Palatine

A fire left this homeowner's basement in shambles. With extensive damage to the walls and ceiling, as well as additional water damage from fire-fighting efforts... READ MORE

Retail Store Water Damage - Schaumburg

This retail store was left with significant water damage after a drain line in the restaurant above burst. Not only were the ceiling, walls, and carpet soaked, ... READ MORE

Living Room Water Damage - Roselle

A leaky kitchen sink left this homeowner's hardwood floor and adjacent living room carpet flooded. Despite a late night call, our SERVPRO technicians arrived on... READ MORE

Apartment Complex Water Damage - Schaumburg

A leak sprung in this apartment unit's ceiling above the kitchen, damaging the ceiling and spraying water into the kitchen and entrance way. Luckily the rest of... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Vehicles

Mold damage can occur anywhere, even your vehicle. Luckily, our property restoration techniques are not strictly limited to your living space. After all, your v... READ MORE

Dealership Water Damage in Schaumburg

This dealership suffered a water loss across multiple rooms throughout the property. This office space was left with a soaked carpet. Despite a call being made ... READ MORE

Hurricane Irma Storm Damage

After Hurricane Irma left many properties in Georgia devastated, SERVPRO technicians from all over the country, including ours, were sent down to help with the ... READ MORE

Heavy Storm Damage in Kansas

After heavy rainstorms in Kansas caused severe property damage for many homeowners, SERVPRO technicians from across the Midwest were called upon to lend some he... READ MORE

Extensive Kitchen Fire Damage Cleanup in Itasca

A kitchen fire left this apartment unit in Itasca in ruins. Extensive demolition and repair was done to the kitchen, but the rest of the unit were also massivel... READ MORE

Basement Mold Remediation After a Flood in Itasca

A severely flooded basement in this property in Itasca resulted in damaged drywall, wet belongings, and as you can see in the before photo, mold damage. This wa... READ MORE

Extensive Water Damage in Rolling Meadows Office Space

This office space in Rolling Meadows suffered extensive water damage in multiple areas, with affected carpet, ceiling tiles, and cubicles littered with debris. ... READ MORE

Attic Mold Remediation in Medinah

A dark attic in the summer heat and humidity can provide the perfect environment for mold growth, as seen in the before photo. Our technicians braved the swelte... READ MORE

Extensive Mold Remediation in Elk Grove Village

While away on vacation, a failed sump pump in this homeowner's basement caused a flood, which then led to extensive mold damage. In the before photo, you can se... READ MORE

Apartment Crawlspace Mold Remediation in Palatine

Crawlspaces are not the most fun environments to be in, and this large apartment crawlspace was in quite a state when we were called in to check it out. With sp... READ MORE

Drying Carpet After a Basement Sump Pump Failure in Inverness

A sump pump failure left the carpet in this basement thoroughly soaked. You can clearly see the wetness in the carpet in the Before photo. The SERVPRO team was ... READ MORE

Tar and Nicotine Cleanup in Palatine

This house in Palatine suffered heavy soot and staining from cigarette smoke, with tar and nicotine caked into the surfaces. Luckily, technicians at SERVPRO are... READ MORE

Kitchen Ceiling Water Damage Drying in Schaumburg

SERVPRO received a call early Sunday morning at 4:00am to help take care of a residential water loss. An 2nd floor master bathroom flood during a severe winter ... READ MORE

Extensive Water Damage Demolition in Rolling Meadows

This house suffered extensive water damage, which necessitated a total demolition of drywall and flooring throughout the property. To do this also required an e... READ MORE

Rebuilding After a Water Damage Loss in Elk Grove Village

This house in Elk Grove Village suffered extensive water damage in the living room after a burst pipe, requiring demolition and disposal of over 700 sq ft of de... READ MORE

Extensive Garage Fire Damage Cleaning in Elk Grove Village

This garage in Elk Grove Village suffered extensive soot and smoke damage from a faulty light switch that caught fire. SERVPRO was called in to assess what need... READ MORE

Commercial Rebuild After a Sewage Loss in Schaumburg

This commercial office space experienced flooding in several rooms after a sewage line backup. SERVPRO was called in to remove water-damaged materials and decon... READ MORE

Bathroom Deep Clean in Palatine

This bathroom in Palatine had not been cleaned in quite some time, and SERVPRO was called in to help out. No job is too big or too small, and our team took the ... READ MORE

Effective Attic Mold Stain Removal in Elk Grove Village

The sheathing in this attic had significant black mold staining, as seen in the before photo. At SERVPRO, we are trained and certified in proper mold remediatio... READ MORE

Cleaning out a Mold-Damaged Basement in Inverness

This customer's basement suffered from condensation and poor humidification, which resulted in mold growth along the surfaces throughout and many of the content... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos