Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage Cleanup Services in Elk Grove Village

This kitchen in Elk Grove Village was heavily damaged by soot from a grease fire. Not only did SERVPRO help clean the kitchen, but the entire house was inspected to ensure all hidden soot had been wiped and cleaned. If fire damage has affected your property, large or small, call us today!

Cleaning Personal Belongings After a Fire Damage

After a fire damage, your personal belongings may be riddled with soot. If determined salvageable, we can thoroughly clean your items of soot and smoke damage. Using powerful chem sponges to lift hidden soot and smoke deodorizing chemicals to neutralize smoke odor, we aim to make it "Like it never even happened.".

Extensive Fire Damage in Itasca

As you can clearly see, this apartment unit suffered massive damage after a fire broke out in the kitchen. Our crew was up the challenge, demolishing and removing damaged materials, cleaning the apartment of soot and smoke odor, and remediating any water damage from firefighting efforts to prepare the structure for reconstruction.

Fire Damage in Palatine

This photo shows one of our crew chiefs, Alex, in the process of cutting out unsalvageable hardwood flooring after this property experienced a substantial amount of fire damage in its dining room. 

Fire Torched Bedroom - Schaumburg

A smoldering cigarette set fire to bedroom furniture in this rental property in Schaumburg. The room was isolated from the rest of the home to prevent the migration of smoke odors. The cleanup was completed after a fogging and deodorizing of the affected room.

Fire-charred Attic - Schaumburg

An electrical fire in this attic in Schaumburg resulted in burnt trusses, roof sheathing, and ceiling drywall. The first step was careful demolition to safely remove and discard the damaged building elements. Smoke odor was neutralized by setting up several ozone machines during the night while the house was vacated. SERVPRO can grapple with any type of fire damage. Just call us.

Home Fire Damage – Elk Grove

Fire damage to this property in Elk Grove resulted from a cigarette accident in a second-floor bedroom. SERVPRO was called to board up the windows. We were then contracted to provide water and fire damage restoration. 

Home Fire Damage – Elk Grove

An electrical fire in an upstairs bedroom of this home in Elk Grove led to structural and smoke damage. SERVPRO provided mitigation services for the fire and smoke damage and handled the reconstruction of the residence.