Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Crawl Space Sewage Cleanup in Rolling Meadows

Crawl spaces are often neglected in properties, but there's no way to ignore standing water after flooding occurs, especially when it involves sewage. This craw... READ MORE

Rebuilding After Water Mitigation in Palatine

This house in Palatine suffered extensive water damage throughout after a frozen pipe burst. The damages included heavily saturated hardwood flooring and drywal... READ MORE

Removing Water-Damaged Hardwood Flooring in Palatine

SERVPRO was called in to assess the extent of water damage caused by a bathroom leak. After deeming the entirety of the wood flooring unsalvageable in the livin... READ MORE

Drying and Cleaning a Flooded Basement in Palatine

As seen in the Before photo, this basement in Palatine suffered a flood from a sump pump failure, with lots of standing water throughout when SERVPRO first arri... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration and Reconstruction in Rolling Meadows

This house in Rolling Meadows was left unattended for quite some time. After the owner discovered a flood had occurred in the basement and been left sitting the... READ MORE

Commercial Rebuild After a Sewage Loss in Schaumburg

This commercial office space experienced flooding in several rooms after a sewage line backup. SERVPRO was called in to remove water-damaged materials and decon... READ MORE

Extensive Water Damage Demolition in Rolling Meadows

This house suffered extensive water damage, which necessitated a total demolition of drywall and flooring throughout the property. To do this also required an e... READ MORE

Living Room Water Damage - Roselle

A leaky kitchen sink left this homeowner's hardwood floor and adjacent living room carpet flooded. Despite a late night call, our SERVPRO technicians arrived on... READ MORE

Flooded Basement Dry Out in Inverness

Many property owners, including this family in Inverness, experienced flooded basements in the aftermath of this year's massive winter storms. Hoping to get the... READ MORE

Water Leak in an Elk Grove Garage

The water supply line running through the attic crawl space in this Elk Grove garage sprung a leak. The water stains show the saturated gypsum panels on the wal... READ MORE

Elk Grove Water Damage in a Basement

Inside this rental unit located in Elk Grove, a failed basement sump pump allowed water to enter through a crack in the foundation and wick into the sheetrock w... READ MORE

Water Damage – Elk Grove Retail Clothing Store

A sewer line break from the floor above wreaked havoc upon this retail clothing store in Elk Grove, as seen in the Before photo. Our team was called in and they... READ MORE

Water Damage – Elk Grove Office Space

Water damage to this office space in Elk Grove was caused by a malfunctioning fire suppression system. Standing water can be seen in the Before photo. With an u... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Schaumburg Wood Flooring

Standing water on the flooring at this home in Schaumburg caused significant warping to the wood. Worried that they would have to completely replace the floorin... READ MORE