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Quality Mold Damage Mitigation Services For Your Home In Elk Grove

11/21/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Quality Mold Damage Mitigation Services For Your Home In Elk Grove Finding mold damage in your Elk Grove home can be stressful.

Mold Damage Mitigation Services

Finding mold damage in your Elk Grove home can be stressful. You may wonder what you could have done differently, kept your home cleaner, or caught things earlier to avoid the circumstances you are currently facing.

However, discovering that you have mold damage to your Elk Grove property is quite common. Mold only needs three ingredients to exist to flourish, and only one needs to exist for it to survive up to two weeks, depending on the species present. It takes its time, waiting for the right conditions to exist.

Mold enters your home various ways throughout the day, every day. It is typical for mold spores to catch a ride on household pets, your shoes, or fly into your home through a window. Since it exists as a significant part of our environment, it would be detrimental to eliminate it entirely. Therefore, there are those of us at SERVPRO who train to learn how to control it, keeping it out of our indoor living environments.

Mold only needs a food source, oxygen, and water to begin spreading anywhere in your home. When you think about all of the possible locations that mold might exist, it can be quite scary. With enough exposure, any species of mold can cause health problems. It is our job at SERVPRO to help homeowners keep mold growth under control, making it safer for you to enjoy your home.

If you find yourself facing mold problems, give us a call. SERVPRO mold remediation specialists are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, including holidays. We take pride in providing quality mitigation services you can count on and help limit any losses you might experience resulting from mold contamination found in your home.

SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle provides quality mold remediation services throughout the area. We have an entire staff of highly-trained professionals ready and willing to assist you with returning your home to a clean, safe, and secure place for you and your family to enjoy for years to come (847) 593-3055.

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Condensation in the Basement is a Major Cause of Mold Damage in Elk Grove

10/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Condensation in the Basement is a Major Cause of Mold Damage in Elk Grove Condensation in your basement can be the cause for mold growth.

Hidden Mold in Low Traffic Areas of Your Home

The winter months are full of constant fluctuations in temperature. In Elk Grove, these fluctuations can affect the indoor temperatures in areas with little or no insulation, and the basement is one of these spaces of your home.

For homeowners and residents in Elk Grove, mold damage remains one of the leading causes of the loss of personal belongings. When temperatures change drastically, condensation can form on walls and other hard surfaces in your basement. As long as their other needs remain stable, mold and many other microbes can proliferate in colder temperatures when moisture accumulates in the form of condensation.

Many people equate musty odors with the warming of the soil around a home when cold snaps end, but this can deceive many into a false sense of security. The reason this scent appears is because of the increase in microbial activity during these warmer, but temporary, periods. Mold damage is much more likely to begin, or increase, during warmer periods of weather.

Experienced SERVPRO professionals work in every part of the home, from living areas to attics to basements and crawlspaces. Mold can grow anywhere. Finding it, though, is easier when an area receives more traffic from those living in the home. Basements, typically used for storage space, can harbor microbial growth for extended periods of time before homeowners discover its presence.

Using meters that detect biological contaminants, our technicians can determine which areas suffer from microbial infestation and then treat them. Restoring a home after mold damage happens does not always mean the removal of materials. Rather, cleaning and preventative treatment to stave off further problems can suffice. In basements, preventing future issues with microbial growth can include the installation of dehumidifiers and sump pumps. Wherever mold might grow, we spray with a fast-drying and very safe anti-microbial agent.

SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle's technicians would like to help you protect your home from the basement up. Mold damage can create a multitude of problems if not remediated quickly. Contacting us at (847) 593-3055 can resolve this issue for you and protect your home.  

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SERVPRO's Thorough Action Against Mold Odors in Elk Grove

8/15/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO's Thorough Action Against Mold Odors in Elk Grove Once mold is visible, or many times before, there is a smell associated with its presence. Contact SERVPRO at first sight or smell of mold.

Damage in Your Home Needs Complete Remediation Which Includes Combating Odors

One of the most troubling and most noticeable aspects of mold damage is the smell. Foul odors are, more often than not, the first thing homeowners notice before discovering mold growing in their home. Cleaning up these odors is no easy task, as the chemical compounds mix evenly through the air and often settle into materials and surfaces across the home. Without full industrial treatments, these odors can persist for months or even years after the mold has been dealt with. While less well-equipped companies often forget or forgo treatments for these odors, SERVPRO is careful always to bring the right equipment and the right plan to clean up odors. Our deodorizing foggers help to eliminate odors in their entirety, and when coupled with our advanced sanitization gear, no trace of mold damage should be left after we have come through.
We remove odors from mold damage in Elk Grove homes by bringing in two different types of fogging machines - ultra low volume (ULV) foggers, and thermal foggers. ULV foggers are used for tight spaces such as the areas beneath floorboards or behind walls and specialize in reaching into the deepest and hardest-to-reach corners and cracks. Thermal foggers are our primary weapons for larger spaces, often employed in living spaces of the home such as entire rooms or hallways. Typically, both machines are used to some extent in a home, as they target different areas and are both required to eradicate odors fully.
Common household cleaning products and deodorants fail to eliminate odors simply by their chemistry. Most cleaning products are designed to mask odors rather than eliminate them, and even higher-quality deodorants are difficult to apply to the dark, out-of-reach places that mold colonies tend to inhabit. The advanced equipment used by SERVPRO is specifically designed for mold and fungal odors, so these problems are easily worked around by our technicians.
SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle is a local franchise with national resources to help us eliminate mold and all of its odors from your home. Call us day or night at (847) 593-3055.
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Mold Damage Remediation Services Available In Schaumburg

4/10/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation Services Available In Schaumburg Mold Infestations Need Remediation When Green Fuzzy Stuff Appears on Your Walls in Schaumburg

SERVPRO Provides Expert Remediation to Cleanup Your Home in Schaumburg After a Mold Infestation

Discovering mold on your property means that you need professional remediation services to get things under control safely. Attempting to save a few bucks by performing the repairs yourself, often leads to additional damages or spreading contamination even further.

Take advantage of mold damage remediation services available in the Schaumburg area. It does not matter how big or small the problem is, or what type of mold is growing in your home; professional remediation services are your best chance of controlling the problem correctly.
Do not hesitate to call for help, waiting makes the problem worse, escalating damages and causing you to lose more than you should. A company with professional remediation services, like SERVPRO, gives you access to industrial-grade water extraction equipment, fast drying services, as well as cleaning and deodorization services you can count on to restore your home to a safe, clean condition.
SERVPRO technicians inspect the surrounding area for damage, contain the space to limit exposure to other clean areas of your home and use Negative-Airflow Machines, Air Movers and other equipment to prevent spreading contamination. Our expertly trained technicians utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) to maintain a near-sterile work environment and protect everyone involved throughout your remediation process.
SERVPRO locates and repairs the source of moisture allowing mold growth to occur in your home. Then technicians use a variety of hand-held or truck mounted water extractors to remove existing water quickly and efficiently. Each of the different extractors provides technicians with the ability to tackle areas of varying size, making even hidden moisture removable.
Fast-drying procedures and EPA-registered disinfectants help prevent secondary damages from developing and make conditions safer for workers to perform their functions. Safe rooms allow workers to enter and exit contaminated areas, while also giving us the proper amount of space to handle and dispose of materials properly.
With the contaminated materials removed and water extracted, cleaning and deodorization specialists perform their functions restoring your property to a safe, clean, healthy environment that you and your family can enjoy.
Contact SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle today to request the help you need, or find out more about the services available in your area. We are available 24-7, call now. (847) 593-3055

Preventing Mold Damage In Itasca Properties: The First 48 Hours

2/9/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Preventing Mold Damage In Itasca Properties: The First 48 Hours If the emergency is addressed more than 48 hours after the intrusion, there is a greater risk of mold development.

Preventing Mold

All skilled mold remediation specialists know that speed is of the essence after a flood or leak. Any moisture intrusion in the home, whether caused by a storm or an overflowing toilet, requires immediate attention.

It is because mold flourishes in the presence of moisture and it can become a destructive force very quickly. SERVPRO responds to mold damage in Itasca properties with a comprehensive 48-hour plan. What happens during this period is critical and determines the success of efforts to prevent mold from developing. This guide can show you what to expect from the first two days of a mold prevention plan.

Find The Moisture
The most important task is finding out where moisture is entering the property. Often, it is an easy one, because the leak is obviously from a burst pipe, damaged roof, broken appliance, or broken window. In some cases, pipes burst inside the walls, and it is harder to pinpoint the break. However, the SERVPRO team have access to pinhole readers and other moisture detecting tools.

Eliminate The Leak
The extent of the damage determines what happens next. If there is a broken pipe or damaged component, the technicians can arrange to have it repaired. Then, they check for signs of mold development. If spores are discovered or suspected (due to unpleasant odors), we may consult an independent mold specialist for advice on how to clean affected surfaces.

Dry The Environment
The only way to stop mold from spreading is to take away the things it needs to survive. They are water and warmth. SERVPRO can do this by establishing a drying chamber around the affected area. Cabinets, carpets, furnishings, and all other items require thorough drying with dehumidifiers. Containment chambers make it easier to control the level of humidity so that the air remains at an optimal temperature for targeted water extraction.

What Happens After 48 Hours?
If the emergency is addressed more than 48 hours after the intrusion, there is a greater risk of mold development. We might need to use biocides and strong cleaning chemicals in severe cases. It is an extreme measure, though because it usually requires a temporary evacuation. If it is not possible to physically remove or replace mold damaged components (drywall or ceilings) for cleaning or replacement, it is sometimes necessary.

At SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle, we are committed to helping you beat mold problems. If we can prevent spores from multiplying and spreading, we can stop mold in its tracks. So, call us 24/7 on (847) 593-3055.

Mold Damage can Quickly Spread if Cleaned Incorrectly in Schaumburg Homes

1/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage can Quickly Spread if Cleaned Incorrectly in Schaumburg Homes When you think you have mold, call SERVPRO to investigate.

SERVPRO Cleans Mold in Any Part of Your Property

There are often many ways to do something - a few correct ways and several incorrect ones. The incorrect ones often seem easier, less time-consuming, and also less-expensive, at least at the beginning. Later, the 'better' solution can start to show its shortcomings. Ridding a home of mold damage should be conducted correctly. Doing otherwise can create a diverse set of additional problems in the near and not-so-near future in the home.
Schaumburg homeowners who have detected mold damage in their home will benefit from expert and professional mold remediation. Small items that have mold can be safely cleaned without posing much of a risk. A larger area, such as a library of books in the home, even a smaller one, should be cleaned by technicians. They will not only clean the mold from the books, preserving them, but also contain the mold and the spores that would spread the problem throughout the house.
While mold requires moisture to grow, and at times, while mold can be damp, it can also be extremely dry and dusty. This dustiness is actually mold spores. If these are cleaned as if it was actual dust, it can be spread from one area of a home to another area that may, until then, have normal levels of mold.
SERVPRO technicians often will wear protective clothing, similar to hazmat suits, when performing mold remediation work to protect themselves. This is part of the containment process. Other aspects used include placement of air scrubbers that remove airborne mold spores and other pathogens from the air, thick plastic sheeting strips (similar to those found around meat departments in your local grocery stores), and vacuums that use HEPA filters. These will be set up prior to beginning the removal of excess mold and repairing any mold damage.
When areas of a home are damaged by mold, they can not only be a point of contamination that can potentially affect the remainder of the home, but they can also deteriorate and become hazardous in other ways. Mold can affect almost any material in a home, including wood. Support beams can rot and become unable to bear the weight they were originally designed to. Preventing mold damage from spreading can prevent situations like that from becoming a reality.
If you have discovered mold, smell an ongoing and musty odor but cannot find the source, or have other concerns about mold and the damage it can cause, call SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle at (847) 593-3055. We are always available to assist you in protecting your home.

Control Mold Damage In Roselle

10/7/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Control Mold Damage In Roselle Moisture Removal is Paramount to Mold Remediation in Roselle

Interior Environment Can Be a Breeding Ground for Mold

Your home is not only a refuge for you and your family but unfortunately also a haven for mold damage if encroaching water is not eliminated and moisture filled furnishings and structures are not properly dried after a leak or flood damage. SERVPRO technicians are trained in all phases of mold inspection and remediation, able to explain to you the issues a homeowner can face when microbial growth becomes a problem. Our staff will work closely with you and your insurance company to ensure mold growth is contained within your home, restoring a safe and healthy interior environment going forward.
Any leakage or flooding can cause mold damage in Roselle, particularly on structures that provide a food source for the spores present in every building. Once mold spores are activated by moisture many materials provide a growth area for the fungi. Plaster and drywall, wood, insulation, wallpaper and floor coverings all offer mold a place to thrive. Commonly found fungi can grow not only at average interior temperatures of 68 to 86 degrees but also under much colder or warmer conditions. Wet conditions naturally place your home at risk, but even high humidity can encourage a mold overgrowth. When drying out an area, including structures and furnishings, it is essential to bring the humidity below 60% to be certain that the mold damage can be remediated. Our specialized equipment and research based protocols reduce humidity with all due speed.
Because mold spores are always present, it is imperative that even clean water intrusions into your home are managed quickly after heavy weather or flooding. It only takes a matter of a few days for the relatively clean water to support a host of microbial threats. SERVPRO technicians assess the potential for water to turn from clean to gray to black, and will suggest a course of action to you that will quickly remove standing water and extract moisture from walls, ceilings, flooring, and furnishings. Such proactive efforts may limit the risk of mold damage and will help contain and reverse any microbial growth before it seriously takes hold.
We are a water restoration company committed to our community and the well-being of its citizens. When mold damage is a concern make the call 24/7 to SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle at (847) 593-3055 and schedule an inspection and professional consultation.

Elk Grove Mold Damage

4/10/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Elk Grove Mold Damage Property in Elk Grove is very vulnerable to mold, especially with water damage.

What To Do If You Find Mold Damage In Your Home

Mold Damage Elk Grove problems are vital to watch for and prepare. Property in Elk Grove is very vulnerable to mold, especially with water damage. Mold is very harmful to the home and the business, as well as people who are in these areas as they breathe in the issues. There are ways to get rid of old. However, the better option would be to prevent mold from occurring. Mold comes from the moisture. When there is moisture in some locations, mold can grow and then there can be a lot more problems that result from standing water from a flood.
It is important to make sure that the roof and other areas of the home are not only clean but dry. In the case of finding mold, you have to get rid of the fungus in the fastest way possible. This involves mold remediation. In this process, someone inspects the home for mold. This inspection includes specialized equipment that technicians have. This equipment is necessary because unseen places carry much mold when it is left alone. During the examination process, the specialists identify every bit of mold growth on the property. It is important to eliminate every source of moisture including in the unseen and inaccessible areas of the home so that there is no potential for fungi growth.
When it comes to mold growth, containment is one important issue. Fortunately, mold technicians use advanced methods for containing the mold and preventing the mycotoxins from breaking out and causing potential health effects. Among the equipment used for mold are air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums for the home. It is also important to remove anything that is infested with mold. This includes drywall, building materials, upholstery, and furniture.
To find a reliable Elk Grove Mold Damage specialist, it is important to know a reliable provider. SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle is very reliable in that they have the equipment; they are available 24/7, and they have the willingness to help you. If you are experiencing mold damage in the home, they come to check it out. Give them a call at (847) 593-3055.

Mold Remediation for Rolling Meadows

10/26/2015 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Remediation for Rolling Meadows Bread and Mold

The SERVPRO Mold Remediation for Your Rolling Meadows Home

Once you realize that mold is growing on your property in Rolling Meadows it's important that you get rid of the unwanted fungus as quickly as possible. The process of removing most of the mold from your property and preventing dormant spores from converting into active strings of mold colonies is mold remediation. Typically, the mold remediation process includes the following activities.

Inspection is one of the most important steps of the mold remediation process. During the inspection, trained technicians from SERVPRO will use specialized equipment to locate and then identify any mold growth on your residential property. In many cases, the mold will thrive in inaccessible or unseen areas feeding on moisture and cellulose materials. The source of the moisture must be eliminated to cut off future potential fungi growth.

Containment is essential when mold begins to grow. The released spores contain mycotoxins that may be hazardous to your health. Our mold remediation specialists know will use advanced techniques to contain the mold. Fans and HVAC units are shut down to prevent spores from circulating through the ductwork. Physical barriers of a poly plastic and negative air chambers are used to isolate the spores. Treating infested areas without broadcasting the spores to clear areas of your Rolling Hills home is vital. The use of "air scrubbers" and HEPA filtered vacuums are also part of SERVPRO's advanced equipment for mold remediation.

Removal of Mold Infested furniture, upholstery and building materials such as drywall from the home for discarding or cleaning is another important element to the mold remediation process. Our IICRC trained technicians will use EPA-approved antimicrobial and anti-fungal disinfectants to kill the active mold. Specialized foggers and cleaning agents physically eliminate odors and then deodorize your house. This will once again provide a good, safe air quality to your Rolling Meadows home.

Restoration or Replacement of affected materials such as furnishings, flooring, ceiling tiles, and drywall will depend upon the level of infestation and mold damage. Our aim at SERVPRO is to save and restore as much of your personal possessions as possible.

As industry professionals with over 1,650 franchises and 57  years of experience, the SERVPRO team is highly skilled in expediting and optimizing all components of the mold remediation process for your home in Rolling Meadows. Many satisfied customers have given testimonies to our on-hands, customer oriented service, accomplished quickly, safely, and with savings to you.

Locally Owned, with National Resources

We live and work in Rollings Meadows too. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Elk Grove/E. Schaumburg/Itasca/Roselle is close by and ready to respond to your mold damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the Rolling Meadows community. Call us for help. (847) 593-3055