Water Damage Photo Gallery

Standard 2-ft Flood Cut and Drying Equipment Setup in Palatine

When your Palatine residential property suffers flooding, several factors need to be considered regarding steps to complete for proper water damage. If any materials such as drywall or paneling are significantly wet and cannot be salvaged, they may need to be cut out and disposed. SERVPRO works with insurance companies to ensure any work done is covered and standard water procedures are being followed. This photo shows a standard 2-ft flood cut of damaged drywall and insulation removed, allowing the drying equipment to dry out the wooden framing behind.

Drying Water Damage in Your Elk Grove Basement

We value the relationships we build with our customers. This particular customer has had her basement flood multiple times in the past, and each time, SERVPRO was there to help her in her situation. Whatever emergency situation may arise with your home, SERVPRO of Elk Grove / E. Schaumburg / Itasca / Roselle is ready and available 24/7 to help out!

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Water Damage in Palatine

After a powder sink overflowed and caused significant water damage to this homeowner's bathroom, hallway, and basement, the SERVPRO team worked quickly to remove the sink and cabinetry and remove any wet materials to effectively dry the entire area. 

Demolition & Drying in Rolling Meadows

After a toilet overflow severely water damaged this residential property, demolition throughout the structure was done in order to effectively dry the interior. Here you can see our equipment in place after drywall was torn out, as well as the protective covering to protect any unaffected rooms.

House and Water Damage - Schaumburg

Many rooms were water-damaged in this house in Schaumburg. The cut-out drywall paneling was soaked and non-salvageable. By removing all damp elements, the drying time was reduced, and wooden studs were also protected from degradation. In addition, the hardwood floors were successfully dried thanks to the swift efforts of our SERVPRO technicians.

Office Water Problem - Schaumburg

A broken water line in the adjacent restroom spewed water onto the carpeting of this office in Schaumburg, temporarily halting normal business activities. Our technicians were able to vacuum the standing water and set up several portable dehumidifiers, thereby salvaging the carpeting. Call us to keep your enterprise up and running.

Residential Water Damage Job - Schaumburg

A toilet leak in this residential property resulted in water damaged carpet and floors to the main hall. Our crew responded and arrived shortly to inspect and assess the affected area. With our expertise and knowledge, we were able to successfully restore the water damage quickly and efficiently so this family could return to normal life. 

Commercial Facility Water Damage - Palatine

Water damage to this commercial facility in Palatine halted business. Thankfully, our SERVPRO team had the specialized equipment and experienced professionals needed for a big restoration project such as this.