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24/7/365 Emergency Services

4/22/2021 (Permalink)

Large green SERVPRO van driving down a path with pink flowers and green shrubbery Faster to Any Size Disaster - Call SERVPRO now!

At SERVPRO, we pride ourselves on fast emergency response to any size disaster. When your home or business suffers water damage, time is of the essence to stabilize the situation to avoid further damages that can prove costly. That is why we take calls 24/7/365 and have an on-call crew on standby to respond to your emergency.

Upon arriving, our crews can quickly scope out the damage to assess what can be done. Throughout the process, they will keep you and your insurance in the loop to ensure everyone is on the same page. This seamless claims process is why SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for many insurance companies. 

SERVPRO can also coordinate reconstruction efforts to repair your home after mitigation services are finished. From the first call to the final rebuild, we can make your water damage disaster "Like it never even happened."

Call us at 847-593-3055!

SERVPRO Storm Travel - Kansas City

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

Large green semi with SERVPRO logo, with several green fans lined up in front No disaster is too big for SERVPRO.

February saw unprecedented freezing temperatures and ice storms throughout the South. This resulted in thousands of homes being impacted by water damage, with almost 35,000 leads hitting the SERVPRO main line. Luckily, SERVPRO is well-prepared for such large-scale situations. 

Our franchise answered the call for help and sent one of our crews to assist local franchises in Kansas City. In just a week-and-a-half, our crew was able to help over a dozen homeowners whose properties were damaged by pipe bursts, flooded basements, ice damming, etc. Without SERVPRO’s help, these homeowners could have waited weeks before another restoration company was able to reach them, resulting in further damage and higher costs to repair.

SERVPRO's nationwide system has a network of strategically positioned storm teams on standby should a disaster strike near you. Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, we are prepared for the unpredictable. With the ability to mobilize local command centers, along with the resources of more than 1,700 Franchises nationwide, no disaster is too big.

For fast emergency response, call 847-593-3055!

Water Damage Does Not Wait - And Neither Do We

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

A frozen copper pipe bursting with water In the unfortunate event your home or business suffers water damage caused by winter weather, SERVPRO is ready to respond at a moment's notice!

This weekend, the Chicagoland area will be seeing a severe drop in temperatures. Knowing what winter weather can do to homes and businesses, it is best to prepare well in advance to help mitigate potential damages.

In the unfortunate event your home or business suffers water damage caused by winter weather, SERVPRO is ready to respond at a moment's notice. With on-call emergency crews on standby, we can provide fast water damage restoration services 24/7/365. Our professionals recognize that time is of the essence when it comes to water damage, and they are IICRC-certified and experienced in mitigating further damages when disaster strikes. We are also a preferred vendor with many insurance companies, ensuring a seamless process when filing claims.

Stay safe this weekend and take every precaution necessary to prepare your home or business for the unexpected. Whatever happens, you can have peace of mind knowing SERVPRO is ready to respond!

Call us at 847-593-3055!

"Experts In Clean" - SERVPRO is at the Forefront of Cleaning and Disinfecting Efforts

1/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech wearing a Tyvek suit wiping down an office desk SERVPRO was featured on ABC News. Check out the link in the blog!

SERVPRO CMO Mike Stahl was recently interviewed by ABC News regarding what it would take to clean and disinfect the White House.

These cleaning and disinfecting strategies are the same ones we offer to your business. Our crews are highly trained and experienced in handling biohazardous cleanup, which lends itself well to effective strategies to combat against COVID-19. Our techniques are effective enough to rapidly disinfect your property while keeping your personal belongings safe and unharmed.

SERVPRO has serviced almost 30,000 businesses, homes, and communities nationwide. Our franchise is strategically located in Elk Grove Village, enabling us to provide services to many local businesses and properties throughout the Chicagoland area. Let SERVPRO provide you peace of mind knowing you have qualified "experts in clean" taking care of your property. 

Call us 24/7/365 at 847-593-3055!

Weatherproof Your Home Against Winter Water Damage

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

A large house surrounded by snow Prepare your home against oncoming winter weather!

As you may have heard on the news, the Polar Vortex has split, and there may be a bigger split that may bring about some real winter weather to the Chicagoland area. If you remember two years ago (who can forget?), the Polar Vortex brought heavy snow and extreme freezing temperatures that left many homeowners with burst pipes and severe water damage in their properties. 

While we await the arrival of severe winter weather, it would be wise to prepare your home in advance to help protect yourselves from any potential damages. Here are some budget-friendly ways to weatherproof your home:

  1. Look for any pipes running along the exterior walls and insulate them using foam pipe insulation you can easily find at home improvement retailers.
  2. Look for leaks around windows and door frames; a crafty way to do this is to move a lighter along the frame. If the light flickers, there is likely a draft. Use a caulking gun to seal any potential gaps.
  3. Draft snakes/stoppers are a cost-effective way to keep warm air from escaping underneath your doors. 
  4. Older windows may be costly to repair or replace, but bubble wrap can provide a temporary solution to prevent cold air from leaking through.
  5. Add some extra insulation in your attic or basement. Insulating your attic can also prevent ice dams from forming, which we have covered in our previous blog post.

In the event of water damage in your house, SERVPRO is ready and prepared 24/7/365 to address your emergency. We understand the stress and anxiety a flooded basement can cause, and we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your property is dried and repaired. Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with water damage, and we at SERVPRO pride ourselves at being "Faster to Any Size Disaster."

Call us at 847-593-3055!

Ice Dams - What are they and how do you prevent them?

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

Large icicles forming from eaves of a house during daytime. Icicles can be a pretty sight, but can also be a source of water damage!

Winter water damage can take form in many different ways. One of the most neglected areas of water damage occurs right above you in the form of ice dams. These occur when warm air in the attic heats the roof, which melts the snow. The melted snow then freezes on the unheated eaves, which can look like icicles hanging above. While this can be a pretty image, it can cause damage if it is not dealt with. 

Prevention Tips

  1. Have your gutters and downspouts regularly checked for any obstructions that may cause water backup. 
  2. If enough heat is escaping into your attic to melt the snow above, you should check to ensure the attic is insulated properly. Check for any openings in the floor and seal them to ensure an airtight surface.
  3. In addition to insulation, ensure there is enough ventilation to allow warm air to escape. 
  4. Use a roof rake or a long-handled brush to remove excess snow from your roof. 
  5. Installing a water membrane or snow shield underneath the roof shingles can help to prevent water from seeping in. 
  6. Gutter screens can help keep debris out that can cause build-up and damage. 

Call SERVPRO for 24/7/365 emergency services related to water damage! 847-593-3055

Fire Damage Restoration, the SERVPRO Way

12/11/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen hood that has been stained and damaged by fire and soot It takes an experienced restoration company with the proper training and resources to truly make fire damage "Like it never even happened."

After a house fire, any restoration company can clean up the visible damage. It takes an experienced restoration company with the proper training and resources to truly make it "Like it never even happened."

Smoke odor is extremely difficult to fully remove as it can seep deep into interior walls, linens, carpets, etc. Any remaining soot can also be hard to spot. Luckily, SERVPRO's technicians take every extra step necessary to thoroughly clean your property to leave virtually no trace of odor or soot.

For any personal belongings such as clothing, toys, and furniture, SERVPRO can safely pack and store your items for deep-cleaning. As for your property, we have what is needed to properly treat every square inch of affected area. With the use of safe cleaning chemicals, air scrubbers, and ozone machines, SERVPRO will ensure the air throughout your property is thoroughly cleaned and freshened, restoring the safety of your living conditions.

Check out testimonials from our customers and examples of previous fire jobs we've done. You can rely on SERVPRO to give your fire-damaged property the extensive treatment it needs!

Call us at 847-593-3055 for 24/7/365 emergency response!

Protect Your Business Against COVID-19 With Our Preparedness and Response Plan

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Yellow sign that says "Plan Ahead" Download our preparedness and response template and help protect the health and safety of your employees!

No matter the industry, every business needs to have a plan of action to address the many concerns of COVID-19. Unfortunately, many are still caught off-guard when an exposure occurs in their property, resulting in lost time and lost revenue. 

In developing a preparedness and response plan, we recognize it can be overwhelming with all of the different variables to consider. Who will be your point person when dealing with COVID-19? What safety measures will be put in place? What protocols will your employees follow in the event of an outbreak? 

This free template plan can help guide the conversation between you and your employees to ensure your business is well-prepared in not only dealing with an outbreak, but helping to prevent outbreaks from ever occurring. Download it today and help protect the health and safety of your employees! 

We at SERVPRO can provide consultation on best practices regarding COVID-19. Our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program can also provide further peace of mind through consistent disinfecting and cleaning services at a frequency of your choosing. Having our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned emblem on your window shows you are prioritizing the health and well-being of those who enter your property.  

Give us a call at 847-593-3055 for further consultation and more information about Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

Click here to download our COVID-19 preparedness and response template plan!

Don't Wait to Take Care of Water Damage and Prevent Mold Growth!

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on blue drywall Time is of the essence when it comes to preventing mold growth.

When water damage strikes due to flooding, sewage back-up, plumbing leaks, overflowing sinks/toilets, etc., it is important to take action to dry out the affected areas as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you may be left with secondary damage that will be more expensive to deal with, such as mold growth.

Mold and mildew can grow on wood, drywall, carpet, insulation, and other damp building materials within 24-48 hours. This can spread rapidly and cause further damage to your home. While we at SERVPRO are AMRT certified and can help remediate mold growth, this can be more costly and not guaranteed to be covered by insurance.

To prevent further damages, it is important to call a water damage restoration provider such as SERVPRO immediately after you discover water damage in your property. We are strategically located in Elk Grove Village, which gives us the ability to provide fast emergency response time to surrounding areas such as Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Schaumburg, Itasca, and beyond. We also operate 24/7/365, because we understand time is of the essence. 

As soon as our crews arrive, we can thoroughly inspect your property to identify any and all materials that have been affected by water damage. Based on this assessment, we can immediately enact a plan to dry all affected areas through the use of water extractors and industrial-grade fans and dehumidifiers. Our IICRC-standard water restoration skills and techniques can ensure all affected materials are dry and your property's moisture and humidity levels are regulated. All of these factors combined can help to mitigate further damages and prevent mold growth. Throughout the process, we stay in close communicate with you and your insurance provider to ensure we are on the same page regarding work to be done.

Call us 24/7/365 for fast response to your water damage emergency! 847-593-3055

Prepare Your Home Against Frozen Pipe Burst This Winter

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

A frozen copper pipe bursting with water Knowing what winter is capable of causing in Chicago, now is the time to take extra precautions and know what to do when frozen pipes occur.

Wintertime is fast approaching, and we are already seeing snowfall and drops in temperature. Knowing what winter is capable of causing in Chicago, now is the time to take extra precautions and know what to do when frozen pipes occur. It is best to prepare before you end up standing knee-deep in a flooded basement! 

If you think your home may have frozen pipes, call a plumber to evaluate the situation, which can help prevent any costly damages. If you would like to try to take matters into your own hands, here are some helpful tips:

  • Avoid using open flames, heat guns, etc. to thaw your pipes. You would not want fire damages on top of a water loss!
  • Increasing water pressure as ice builds up may cause older pipes to burst. Relieve water pressure on your lines by turning off your water supply or trickling your faucets. Water may still freeze within your pipes, but releasing pressure can help prevent them from bursting.
  • Look for any swollen areas or frost along your pipes. Turn up the heat throughout the building if you see any.
  • Use space heaters to provide some extra heat - though do not leave them unattended!
  • If you need to target specific areas on your pipes, a hairdryer, heating pad, or simply a cloth wet with hot water can be applied.

In the unfortunate event your home or business experiences water damage caused by a frozen pipe, please give us a call! SERVPRO operates 24/7 and offers quick emergency response time to effectively mitigate any further damage.