Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage Restoration and Reconstruction in Rolling Meadows

This house in Rolling Meadows was left unattended for quite some time. After the owner discovered a flood had occurred in the basement and been left sitting the... READ MORE

Cleaning out a Mold-Damaged Basement in Inverness

This customer's basement suffered from condensation and poor humidification, which resulted in mold growth along the surfaces throughout and many of the content... READ MORE

Effective Attic Mold Stain Removal in Elk Grove Village

The sheathing in this attic had significant black mold staining, as seen in the before photo. At SERVPRO, we are trained and certified in proper mold remediatio... READ MORE

Bathroom Deep Clean in Palatine

This bathroom in Palatine had not been cleaned in quite some time, and SERVPRO was called in to help out. No job is too big or too small, and our team took the ... READ MORE

Commercial Rebuild After a Sewage Loss in Schaumburg

This commercial office space experienced flooding in several rooms after a sewage line backup. SERVPRO was called in to remove water-damaged materials and decon... READ MORE

Extensive Garage Fire Damage Cleaning in Elk Grove Village

This garage in Elk Grove Village suffered extensive soot and smoke damage from a faulty light switch that caught fire. SERVPRO was called in to assess what need... READ MORE

Rebuilding After a Water Damage Loss in Elk Grove Village

This house in Elk Grove Village suffered extensive water damage in the living room after a burst pipe, requiring demolition and disposal of over 700 sq ft of de... READ MORE

Extension Water Damage Demolition in Rolling Meadows

This house suffered extensive water damage, which necessitated a total demolition of drywall and flooring throughout the property. To do this also required an e... READ MORE

Kitchen Ceiling Water Damage Drying in Schaumburg

SERVPRO received a call early Sunday morning at 4:00am to help take care of a residential water loss. An 2nd floor master bathroom flood during a severe winter ... READ MORE

Tar and Nicotine Cleanup in Palatine

This house in Palatine suffered heavy soot and staining from cigarette smoke, with tar and nicotine caked into the surfaces. Luckily, technicians at SERVPRO are... READ MORE